Who we Are

People passionate about creating lasting relationships.

We understand the need and value of strengthen personal relationships with your clients, and want to help you save time and money without compromising the quality of your customers' experience.

Let us be your customer appreciation guru and concierge.
You will see how your customer related KPIs go through the roof and compare be able to compare how Acquisition, Retention and Referrals will change after you engage in an effective and personalized comunication with your clients.

Please, drop us a note, or request early access to our services to learn more.

What we do

We help create enduring customer relationships

By giving you the time and cost efficient tools that help boost your customers' satisfaction, engagement and retention.

We help create offline experiences that are memorable and personal, allowing businesses take their customer relationships to the next level.
We are starting with beautiful handwritten cards and thoughtful persolanized gifts, but we are working hard to make ThankStation the one-stop shop where you can find a solution to all your customer interaction needs.

Don't know where to start? Get in touch and learn how we can help your business grow.

Mission and Values

Our Mission:

To help businesses better engage and connect with their customers and help them feel listened to and appreciated.

Our Values:

Customer Focus:

Costumers are our reason of being. Everything we do we do for them.


We promote thoughtfulness in everything we do and provide the tools others can too.


We believe in authenticity and genuine interest for each other. We can’t accept any other way.

Attention to Detail:

The slightest detail makes all the difference in the world. We settle for nothing less than outstanding.


No one can match our caring, our thoughtfulness or our service. We thrive to be the best. And want you to be too.