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shouldn’t be that hard or expensive.

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The one-stop shop for customer satisfaction needs.

Dozens of businesses are boosting customer loyalty like never before using our services to create a truly unique, personalized experience.

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Send thoughtful handwritten notes or personalized gifts from any device.

Whether you are a small business owner, service provider or a large enterprise, your customers' satisfaction is at the heart of your business success.

We are committed to help you create meaningful and enduring customer relationships by making your clients feel truly appreciated.

Time is Money, and making someone feel truly special can be time consuming, but is essential for long term success.

Let us handle the logistics of appreciation so you can focus on your core business and services.

Our Services

Handwritten Notes

Create impressions that last

Stand out from competition by sending a beautiful handwritten note to your most valuable customers.

Tell them how much they mean to you and engage them in ways that are just not possible with a cold email.

Personalized Gifts

Words fade, emotions last forever...

Nothing triggers the feeling of gratitude and loyalty more than an unexpected gift.

We carefully curate our products and gift boxes create a very unique and personal experience tailored to every single recipient.

Choose one of our popular gifts or just tell us about your customer and what they like. We will create something unique for them.

and much more...


Create loyal, returning customers from day one.

Be personal and differentiate yourself by giving your audience a truly unique experience. Grab your one-time customers' attention and convert them to returning users.

Sending a personal handwritten note or a small gift to those first time customers will help them decide sooner why you are truly different from your competitor and why they want to be your customer long term.

The ROI in making clients feel special from day one? Priceless.

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Get Personal, See Results

You spend a lot of money in marketing, but are you really maximizing your sales from existing clients? A 5% increase in customer retention can increase your profits up to 75%.

Boost revenue by sending an incentive to your most loyal customers, or those who are slipping away...

A personal note is a great way to trigger an action, announce new services and make your customers think about you.

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Get Referrals

Your customers already love you... now what?

Help them share the love...
There's a reason successful companies like Uber give free rides to both you and someone you refer:

It drives viral and organic growth.

Let us help you get your referral rates through the roof by giving your clients personalized incentives when they refer a friend.

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Success Stories

How it works

We send smiles by mail

Your customers are your greatest asset, but time is your most scarce resource. You should focus on growing your business without distraction.

Just tell us who, what and where.
We take care of the rest, from writing down a note to dropping it in the mailbox.

Our goal is to help you focus on your business while we take care of your customer appreciation needs...

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You say you care about your customers... Now you can show it...

If you are ready to take your customer relationships to the next level or maybe just want to learn more,
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Note: * ThankStation is in Beta and is only available through personal invites. Ask a friend to send you an invite code or request early access now.